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Troubleshooting : 15th April 2015

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The solutions to most commonly experienced website and backing tracks issues:-

I've forgotten my password.

At the members screen, follow the signpost for forgotten user details.

I don't know how to download/play my tracks.

You need to login to your account. Select the 'Download Manager' tab. Select the tracks you wish to download. You can select all the tracks at once by checking the last tickbox.

Click the download button. Choose 'save' from the dialog box and choose your save location.

The tracks are downloaded in a compressed folder. Double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the MP3s from the compressed folder to your Windows Media Player or Itunes program to play or burn to CD/DVD.

I've added funds but I can't download my songs

Don't worry - you will have a credit to your account. Make sure you're logged in. If you've already added tracks to your basket, you need to click 'basket' and click 'buy tracks using funds'.
Go to your account and click on the 'downloads' tab - your tracks will be available.

I have a query about my payment.

Please contact us supplying your name, address and order reference and details of your query. We will contact you within 1 business working day.

The screen has frozen - has my order gone through?

In the checkout process do not refresh your screen.Close all windows down.
If you think you're purchase has completed - please check your email for instructions. If you don't receive a confirmation email please try to shop again.

I don't know if my computer is compatible.

You will need the following hardware/software:
A sound card and applicable driver
Some speakers or headphones connected to your PC
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7
Macintosh 10.1 or above.
Windows IE 6.0 or higher
Safari 2.0 or higher
Backing tracks player eg Windows Media Player or Itunes

I can't find the tracks I've downloaded.

You can access all of the backing tracks you've downloaded on your PC or Mac by for example, searching through the Media Library inside your Windows Media Player or Library within Itunes and click on the track you are looking for. Windows Media Player or Itunes or any of the most common backing tracks programs can also search your PC for backing tracks files.

I'm having trouble downloading tracks.

We recommend using a broadband connection to download your backing tracks. If you do experience difficulties, please contact us within 48 hours - you'll need the Order number and your own details.

I can't play my downloaded backing tracks.

Our tracks are produced in MP3 format for maximum compatibility.
Please check:-
Volume control.
Your soundcard is working.
Your preferred backing tracks program is working.
If you continue to experience difficulties please contact us.

How do I contact you if I have a question not answered in the faq's?

Our full contact details can be found here.

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ronan dooney

05/02/09 at 17:38

I need to re download a track I've already paid for , how do I do this?

Susan FInnimore

14/12/08 at 13:10

How do I know what I am downloading to? e.g I need my backing track to be downloaded to Windows Media Player so I can burn it onto a CD.

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